The bad news is the SAWS Accountability Act will not be on your May 2021 City ballot.

The good news is 34 candidates  running for Mayor or City Council have answered our questionnaire on where they stand on SAWS accountability. 

Click here to read our news release of Candidate Answers.

Click here to see who did and who did not answer our questionnaire.

Read our newly released frequently asked questions -- documentation of our factual claims. 

Voters Note! The Council can enact the SAWS Accountability Act, by ordinance, themselves.

If they don't, they know we'll be back!

We are seeking volunteers to help us reach San Antonio voters. Contact us at 210.807.7273 or go to our contact page above.

Muchas gracias, San Antonio!

The San Antonio City Council must need its head examined expecting SAWS ratepayers to shoulder the costs of the $3 BILLION Vista Ridge water pipeline to serve developer private profits. Do they really want us to pay for the most expensive water in Texas to fuel development outside San Antonio – over the Edwards Aquifer -- even in a pandemic -- and even following a disaster that they failed to warn us about?

Send City Hall a clear message that you don't think so.
Vote in the upcoming 2021 San Antonio City Council Election.

Early voting starts on April 19. Election Day is Saturday, May 1.



We thank the thousands who signed our homegrown petition for the SAWS Accountability Act.

We are no longer gathering signatures. BUT, if you have any sitting around, send them to us. We will be working hard to circulate candidate's answers to our questionnaire.


Please ask your friends and family --

any SAWS ratepayers in or outside the city-- to sign in at top of this website to receive our email communications.

Rest assured, we're still planting seeds and more than

ever and need your participation. 

Click on the horses to watch the 17-minute video about how Vista Ridge -- and the mistaken policies behind it -- was forced on us all.

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The SAWS Act PAC is a registered political action committee with the City of San Antonio.

Contributions to the SAWS Act PAC are not tax-deductible.

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