The SAWS Act PAC registered with the City of San Antonio in February 2020. 

After years of watching SAWS, a public utility, deceive the public about the necessity of the $3 billion Vista Ridge Water Pipeline Project -- involving untold private developer profits -- we had seen enough.


A group of citizens and expert attorneys, engineers, and auditors, took a year to write the SAWS Accountability Act.  We gathered up a cross-partisan coalition rarely seen in today's divided policy making and political arena. We come from all parties and across the ideological spectrum. We are cross-generational and from all economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. We also hereby refuse to engage in the game played best by our opponents -- divide and conquer.

Despite our differences, we all agree when it comes to clean and affordable drinking water and the rights of ratepayers not to have their pockets picked by private interests through their own public utility!


Moreover, we all share a concern about the sustainability of the two aquifers involved in the Vista Ridge boondoggle -- the slow recharging "donor aquifer" for Vista Ridge, the Carrizo-Wilcox east of Austin, and the mighty Edwards Aquifer. The latter, a fast-recharging aquifer and San Antonio's main source of drinking water is also now at risk, due to the "head in the sand" San Antonio City Council majority which refused to allow voters the chance to renew the popular Edwards Aquifer Protection Program.

The June 2020 San Antonio's independent online publication, the Rivard Report (now San Antonio Report) broke the story that SAWS had been dumping the most expensive water in Texas (Vista Ridge) into a creek. The news clip posted on this page by KTSA-TV is worth a 1,000 words.


SAWS continues their denial of wasting at least 580,000,000 gallons of Vista Ridge water, at a cost of $3-4 million to ratepayers. No action has yet come been taken by any local, regional or state authorities. 

We hope you agree it is time to now to go directly to the voters.

SAWS Act PAC will make sure, using the municipal petition process, that San Antonio voters will have the opportunity to vote for the SAWS Accountability Act. 

We need 20,000 signatures to get the SAWS Act on the ballot.

Join our cross-partisan coalition. We might be cross about how we are all being treated, but we are not partisan!

Be sure to visit our Endorsers page for who supports the SAWS Accountability Act. We invite you to ask your local community organization, church, leaders and local businesses to join us!

A special thanks to KTSA-TV, KABB-TV and the Rivard Report, now The San Antonio Report, for covering this important story.

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