Donations to the SAWS Act PAC are not tax deductible. If you donate $90 or more, your name, address and occupational category must be reported to the City of San Antonio and can be found online on the city's website. 

Therefore, if you contribute $90 or more to SAWS Act PAC, please also email us your occupational category or your employment status such as "retired" or "unemployed". 

Your donation before our petition filing, in January 2021, will be used for printing, mailing and other expenses necessary to get the SAWS Accountability Act on the May 2021 ballot.


SAWS Act PAC is an all-volunteer effort. 


Thank you for whatever you give -- small to large -- to our homegrown petition drive! 

You may contribute securely online or send a check to the SAWS Act PAC, PO Box 33042, San Antonio, TX 78265. (Note: For larger donations, we prefer a check to avoid 2.9% online processing fees.) Thank you!

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The SAWS Act PAC is a registered political action committee with the City of San Antonio.

Contributions to the SAWS Act PAC are not tax-deductible.

             . SAWS Act PAC • PO Box 33402, SA 78265 • 210-807-7273 • • Pd. Pol. Adv