• December 31, 2020. SAWS Surprise! Monday Legal Attack on SAWS Accountability Petition! Read all about it here, with special thanks to coverage in the San Antonio Report!

  • December 15, 2020. We honestly didn't expect it this soon, but landowners in the "donor communities" for Vista Ridge are "suckin' air", as they say in rural Texas. And, while SAWS sucks ratepayer wallets, we have serious obstacles to finishing this petition drive. One of them is the refusal of the City Attorney, Andy Segovia, to simply tell us the filing deadline. But, wait -- we pray for your action:  Read our full message and help, por favor

  • October 28, 2020. The Greater San Antonio Chamber is running scared and funding a BIG dark money campaign to stop our petition. Read our release posted as an update on our online petition at Change.org/LIVSAWSAct. Spread the word and don't let these guys get away with it. We'll have more to tell you real soon! Meanwhile, we need lots more volunteers. Go to our contact page or give us a call, y'all!

Texas Organizing Project Joins Petition Campaign Against SAWS.

This is not a time for the SAWS Board to Maintain the Status Quo, by Jim Smyle

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                           August 19, 2010


TOP Endorses SAWS Accountability Act!


San Antonio, Texas: The SAWS Act PAC, which leads the petition effort for a public vote for the SAWS Accountability Act, issued the following statement about Texas Organizing Project’s endorsement announcement of the SAWS Accountability Act.


TOP’s endorsement can be found here.


Alice Canestaro-Garcia, active in TOP’s climate justice campaign said, “Taking on a billion dollar agency – SAWS – that has become a loyal cash cow for developer interests requires all communities to come together, so we welcome TOP’s endorsement. TOP’s values are the communities’ values, Agua Es Vida.” Alice also serves as the co-treasurer for SAWS Act PAC 


Reinette King, a spokesperson for SAWS Act PAC said, “We are excited TOP has endorsed the SAWS Accountability Act and the petition. In the midst of a very partisan election, we are conservatives and progressives working together in unity for one thing:  transparency at SAWS for 1.8 million rate payers.”




For more information, call Reinette King at 210-241-2683 or email her at reinette3@gmail.com.

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