Join our homegrown  
effort to make SAWS Accountability a key issue in the 2021 Mayoral and City Council Election.
Early Voting Starts April 19, Election Day is May 1.

The SAWS Act PAC questionnaire was sent to all 81 candidates.
Here's our media release about it.

We wish to thank the 34 candidates who answered.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order and position.

Click on the name to view the questionnaire.


Don't know what district you're in? Click here.


SAWS Act PAC is not endorsing candidates. Please take the time to review the questionnaires, especially candidate comments. We were not looking for all "yeses". We deeply appreciate the thoughtful candid dialogue by those who took the time. Will there be champions at City Hall unafraid to take on SAWS accountability?  That is up to you!


Gary Allen

Greg Brockhouse (signed the SAWS Act petition)

Denise Gutierrez-Homer

Dan Martinez

District 1

Mario Bravo-- runoff candidate

Lauro Bustamante

Cyndi Dominguez

Matthew Gauna

Roberto Trevino (incumbent & runoff candidate)

District 2

Dori Brown

Norris Darden

Chris Dawkins

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez -- runoff candidate

Kristi Villanueva

Andrew Vincencio

District 3 (open seat, no incumbent running)

Ted Gonzales

Walter Murray
Tomas Uresti
 -- runoff candidate

Mark Vargas

Phyllis Viagran -- runoff candidate

District 4

Raymond Guzman

District 5 (open seat, no incumbent running)

Irma Barron

Marie Crabb

Teri Castillo -- runoff candidate

Ray Garza

Michael Good

Anthony Gres

Norberto "Geremy" Landin

David Yanez

District 6

Chris Baecker

District 7

No responses

District 8

Rob Rodriguez

District 9

John Courage (Incumbent, runoff candidate)

Patrick Von Dohlen (signed SAWS Act petition & runoff candidate)

District 10

Gabrien Gregory

Clayton Perry (Incumbent)

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